Most people miss the food, a certain festival or tradition of their home town. Not Polly. What she missed the most about home was the sky. The illusory black heavens filled with unforgiving stars that were able to blind anyone who stared at it. Only lovers and bohemians dared the…

Surroundings of Flower Street, in Capelinha, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Photo by Ana Clara Otoni.

It was common to see his stumbling walk in the evenings. Despite his alcoholic numbness, he knew Flowers Street well and every night would come home with a big burlap sack over his shoulder. Any comparison with Santa would be a bad joke. That man didn’t have any meat on…

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As pessoas vem e vão, mas nunca vem em vão.

I can only see now, but you brought the best and the worst of me.

You had all of me, just like John sung.
The most authentic version of myself so far.

Everything was so powerful.

I felt so…

I didn’t want to intimidate you.
On the contrary,

I wanted to be intimate with you.


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Ana C!ara Otoni

Journalist. Sustainability, Social Justice & Gender Equality. Becoming Odara daily. Passionate about life, sexuality & wine. Mugs lover.

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