How I embraced a traumatic experience by creating a healthy habit, and now a hobby

How many times have you seen a girl be obsessed with something after a traumatic break-up?

I’ll be running the LA Marathon this Sunday (3/18)!

By running, I’m helping Girl Up to assist girls to complete their education.
Me at the Golden Gate in SF, when I ran half marathon on my own.
I ran Mile 15 of the LA Marathon with a professional running coach. Super fun to watch me trying to keep up my breath while running! #WomenSupportingWomen

How have you embraced a traumatic experience? Have you created something meaningful to you? What were your challenges? Share with us & become Odara daily! See You Next Tuesday! ;-)

What do you do #ToBecomeOdara?
Tell me! @anaclaraotoni.



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Ana C!ara Otoni

Ana C!ara Otoni

Journalist. Sustainability, Social Justice & Gender Equality. Becoming Odara daily. Passionate about life, sexuality & wine. Mugs lover.