I didn’t wear a bra for a month. Here’s what I learned

Steepest boobs, higher sensibility, and intimacy

When I let my nipples breathe, something curious happened. I noticed the interaction of them with different fabrics and textures. If before they were confined in a massive layer of soft foam (I love/hate my Bombshell!), now they were free and enjoying the ambient temperature and the softness of a diverse type of materials. It is something simple, but that I have never paid attention to. These 30 days bra-free changed my nipples form. They are more rounded and there’s nothing blocking my hair follicles allowing my body to operate freely and naturally. My nipples were free to breathe and the hair that grew around it was easier to remove if I wanted to. I felt that my boobs got steepest during these 30 days of my bra-free challenge.

Surprises happen when you break beauty standards

My main concern about this challenge was to get in trouble at work. Would my director comment anything? Would my co-workers be staring at my nipples? Would I hear evil comments? Well, I would have to do it and wait for people’s reaction. And guess what?

When freedom meets control

When I did the cold shower challenge for a month I wrote about the sense of control and gratitude: I chose to be under cold water — it wasn’t an inescapable condition like in many countries. No one forced me to have a routine of cold showers for a month. I decided to put myself in this situation just to experience how would that feel.

Thanks for reading and See You Next Tuesday! ;-)

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Ana C!ara Otoni

Ana C!ara Otoni

Journalist. Sustainability, Social Justice & Gender Equality. Becoming Odara daily. Passionate about life, sexuality & wine. Mugs lover.