I lost 19 pounds and a bit of my sanity in 20 days. Here’s what I learned from my sugar rehab

I did not take one single picture of my body while in the program. Don’t blame me. I was trying to change my mindset and perception of my body and planning a before/after picture at the end of the program, but them I failed to finish…so: no pics.

Yes, I lost 19 pounds — and a bit of my sanity.

I cried for many days. I had cravings. I was exhausted and frustrated. I had an amazing coach and friend who guided me throughout the entire process. Without him, I wouldn’t have last two weeks.

I truly thought I could do it.

Then you might ask me: where was your mind, Ana?

I had to deal with all that and still count calories and select the right type of food I could eat.

Day 27. Pressed play and repeated.
Day 28. Pressed play and repeated.
Day 29. Pressed play and repeated.

I swallow my pride and asked for help.

I’m hungry for real connections. I’m hungry for love and caring. I’m hungry for compassion and trust. I’m hungry for love.

The beauty of it is that I actually harvest some of them. I encounter amazing, juicy and savory friends — in the best sense of the words. I found compassion and partnership.

I’ve also been eating to satisfy my soul — which is useless and unfulfilling.

Routine is good. Discipline is freedom.

If you want to see my daily rehab routine up to day 25th, check on my IG @anaclaraotoni.

Thanks for reading & See You Next Tuesday! Did you know that when you 👏 you help other people to see this story.



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