In 2018: Become Odara and live a better life

A series about life improvement: tips and stories on human relationships, women empowerment, longevity and simple pleasures.

#ToBecomeOdara: to be spiritually connect to the gods, earth and heavens. Illustration by Suharu Ogawa

A good friend of mine moved from Brazil to Brisbane, Australia in 2015 by the same time I moved to California. Since then we have shared many experiences related to career, relationships and life in general. Moving to a different country is one of the best ways I know to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It makes you grow and improve yourself. Many times during this experience we only share the IG moments, but the truth be told we have bad days. We get homesick. We often feel like outsiders in a foreign country and as a failure in our own.

Here and there we joke that we are each other’s life’s coach. The only problem is that Amanda Paixão believes that a life coach has to be someone successful, meaning wealthy, healthy and happy. We are both in our early 30s — and yes, the 30’s life crisis is real — we don’t feel like we are wealthy, healthy or happy enough to be anyone’s life coach.

However, for me, a life coach can be anyone with discipline and some sort of knowledge about a topic. I didn’t take any course on life coaching, but I confess I get inspired by a lot of self-help books, podcasts and disciplined people.

Last year I learned a bit about relationships, self-love, intimacy, sex, longevity, healthy and beauty habits. One of the most valuable lessons was from Scott Addams book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life”. The creator of Dilbert says that to live a better life we should reduce daily decisions to routine.

“Through discipline comes freedom.” Aristotle

So, I will commit myself to publish a post every Tuesday of 2018 about something that I’ve applied to my life and that helped me to live better. It would be my weekly routine, my path towards the freedom I pursue.

I named the project “Becoming Odara”. The word “Odara” derives from the Brazilian Ioruba word dara, meaning “gorgeous.” In Japanese and Hindi the term is linked with happiness. “Odara” translates the idea of supreme beauty linked with all that’s great, positive and good.

“Ficar Odara,” or “To Become Odara,” in Portuguese means to become spiritually and ritually prepared to connect to the gods, to become in harmony with the earth and the heavens.

So here it goes three things that changed my life in the past years:

Meditation: First time that I ever paid for an app was two years ago, when I subscribed Headspace. It was the best $70 bucks I spent in my life! This simple and funny guided meditation app has audio’s exercises that helps you to slow down. It taught me how to control my monkey mind! Andy’s voice is extremely calm, his British accent adds an extra charm for the experience. You can try it for free here before deciding to subscribe.

Squatty Potty: A simple toilet stool that helps me squatting for the best poop of my life. If you try you will understand what I’m talking about it. And if you try and think about me while you are pooping that means our relationship was taken for a next level. You are welcome! ;-)

Hanging things on the wall: Letting the walls of my room speak for and to me was another life-changing habit I learned in the recent years. It gives a soul to the room. Makes the environment more welcoming and warm. I’m living in a foreign country and quite often get the feeling of not belonging, so having a cozy and nice room was essential to minimize this kind of emotions. So, on my room I have a mirror on the wall, I hung few pictures of my favorite singers, and an Aborigine art (that Amanda gave it to me). I also have a book shelf on the wall and frame with pictures of my family and some of best friends. I’m telling you: this is my game-changing decoration advice to you. So, if you have to buy new curtains, organize your closet, fix a door or an outlet in your room or any other little work that needs to be done, do it. I know you are constantly “too busy” to find time for it, but believe me, once you do it you will feel the difference every time you enter your room.

For our first Tuesday, that’s all! Please, let me know what do you think (likes and dislikes) about the things I shared. I would very much appreciate your feedback. If you learned anything, share with a friend. If you empower your friend, everyone ends up having powerful friends. Isn’t it what everybody wants? Thank you! Obrigada!

Odarize-se diariamente! Become Odara daily!

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