“That’s the first time I go out with a feminist. Everything is new to me”

— That’s the first time I go out with a feminist. Everything is new to me. I’m being honest with you. I got mad that my ex cheated on me, I wanted to hit her, but I never did or would. If what I said is a deal breaker for you. It’s a deal breaker for me too, I was opening my heart and sharing my story with you.

He drove me home and music kind of connected us again.
I chose to get to know him better.

Just let the girl be!

— I’m all for women’s right. Women should be free and have the right to do whatever she wants with her body.

To which he added right away:

— As long as she makes the right choice.

He then fist bumped another guy in the audience. Most people laughed, while I was feeling hurt. I looked around hoping to in someone’s glance the same frustration I felt. Nothing. The show continued with a bunch of other offensive jokes. I was clearly uncomfortable and sipped some whiskey to calm me down.

Do your part. Educate yourself and empower the ones around you. That’s when change happens!

Why there is no other birth control for men?
Why has no one created a pill that they could take?

They would probably blame that the medicine would affect their testosterone level and it could compromise their ability to produce sperms in the long term.

To change this game me need more women in Science, Politics, Technology, and so on…

The problem? Well, take a look closer.


All right. When describing the guanxi men the author didn’t use any air quotes. However, when describing the female niche “strong independent women” comes protected by the finger quotes. We all know that these quotations marks are used to express sarcasm.

Where is the sarcasm on strong independent women? I don’t know.

Perhaps the idea was so rotted to the author that he didn’t even realize. Or maybe he is a jerk who thinks is funny when a woman is described as strong and independent.

Arnette Travis during the Women’s March 2018, in Redondo Beach.

We are in this world together!

For me, International Women’s Day is about this reflection. It’s a time to stop and listen what women are saying. It’s starting the conversation with men and women. It’s acknowledging movements such as TimesUp and #MeToo. It’s supporting female business’ owned. It’s about appreciating my mother and grandmothers. It’s about supporting my girlfriends and telling them how they inspire me. And most of all, it’s time to connect with me and understand my place in this planet. It’s about becoming Odara.

How about you? What is unclear or confusing for you about feminism and gender equality? Leave your comment! I would love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for reading and See You Next Tuesday! ;-)

Let’s connect! Tell me your about your journey in the comments and/or follow me on Twitter: @anaclaraotoni.



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