The struggle is real. I don’t even know how to share this: I’m addicted.

I’ve become addicted to a drug socially accepted and consumed for everyone I know, even children. You can find this substance in every corner, at the gas station, at your favorite retail store, even at your mechanic’s office. This drug is more addicted than cocaine, some scientist has called it “alcohol of the children”. If you didn’t get yet… I’m talking about sugar.

Last year was a tough one. I ended a four-year relationship and lost two friends in a car accident. I encounter some comfort eating chips, bread, ice-cream, nuts, chocolate and tons of cheese.

When I say “I’m addicted” I’m not exaggerating. I found myself climbing my cabinets many times looking for some hiding treat.

I was never a dessert person, my ex is. Since the break-up, I started eating donuts, cheesecake and all the sugar he used to crave on our cheat day. As I wrote here, my body started to crave for the kind of foods I used to eat with him. Mostly, my brain was asking for the sense of security and happiness. My friend’s death just added up to make the cravings worse.

The good thing about this story is that I finally admitted my addiction. That’s the first step, right?

After watching Fed Up on Netflix I was convinced of my addiction and discouraged to expect the government to treat obesity seriously. (Interested? Read: 50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat) I also understood that I needed help. As you might know, I believe everything happens for a reason.

At the same time of my realization, I was doing some gigs on the weekends with a friend. We worked at events doing body analysis test for a clinic that has a very peculiar wellness and weight-loss program. “Pura Vida” method promises 20 lbs in 40 days with no prepackaged food, no exercise, no hormones and no hunger.

I got a chance to meet the doctor responsible for the clinic. Turned out she is a keto enthusiast and also a person with strong spiritual believes. Needless to say that once we met we bond. She told me about cells inflammation and how the receptors around our cells are addicted to sugar and carbs as the main source of fuel.

I was already familiar with the idea of using oils/fat as a fuel to the body not only to burn fat but especially as a way to kill potential cancerous cells, prevent aging and diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson, and Alzheimer. (Curious? Read:“I didn’t eat for 5 days. It felt great and here’s why”) But listening to Dr. Cynthia Benkert I understood that what was happening inside of my body was a dangerous combination of an inflammation of cells with a lack of nutrients and an emotional imbalance.

I needed the program and she was willing to help.

Last Tuesday, I went to her clinic to start the treatment. I had my body scanned with a program called Zyto. It measures my body response to 35 neutral digital signals. Mostly, the software asks my body around 28K different questions to which my body responded in different ranges. The software read my body reaction and creates graphics that show my body’s trends and parameters. The result is a detailed report that shows not only the nutrients I’m deficient but also to which emotions and feelings I’m more sensitive about.

My report showed that I have 135 biomarkers out of range, which mainly means that I have 135 points of imbalances in my body. I also found out that my digestive system and my thyroid need extra support.

My Zyto Report on April 17th, 2018.

Can a software read your soul?

Being scanned by Zyto: the software asked more than 28K questions to my body

What really shocked me was the emotional and spiritual part of the scan. The results offered numbers on my levels of hate, anger, impatience, fear, grief, sadness, anxiety, mistrustful and worry.

I was not surprised to see in a paper that I have high levels of anger, mistrustful and hopeless. Controlling my anger and anxiety has been a challenge. I quite often don’t trust others and when I hear the word “future” my brain varies from showing me a grey foggy cloud and shiny bright lights. Both scenes blind me. Everything is so uncertain!

For these emotions, the software recommends a series of essential oils that are supposed to help me to find emotional balance. It also suggests a sequence of three affirmations statements. The idea is to repeat them daily during the program to achieve a change in my mindset and my relationship with myself and my body. Guess which ones were recommended to me?

I celebrate my uniqueness.

I forgive myself for leaving (name of the person).

I release all guilt, shame, and blame resulting from my past thoughts and actions.

Gosh, this Zyto thing really read me!

Regaining balance with a lil help

Body scanned: this is a special scale that shows not only my weigh, but also my body-fat, hydration level and metabolic age.

After I left the clinic on Tuesday I had a mixed of feelings. I was happy to know that now I have support and help to quit my addiction and regain balance in my life, but I was also sad trying to understand how I let things carried away. I weighed 121 lbs before I moved to the U.S. I had a strict diet that used to energized me for a five-days work-out routine and excited me for a cheat day on Saturdays. I had a routine of long intermittent fasting…

I know that even with the break-up and my friend’s deaths, I pushed myself to persist and stay in a positive mindset. I trained and ran a marathon. I did a fundraiser and I attended conferences and events that support women empowerment. I traveled. I tried different things and tastes and somehow got trapped into sugar addiction.

Well, enough about the past.

Moving forward, let me tell you about my new journey.

My 4-step program

For the next 40 days, I can only eat specific foods determined by the bio-can. I cannot cook or let any oil to touch my skin. I’ll be burning the fat storage in my body for fuel, no additional oil should access my system to not confuse my brain in these process.

I’ll be drinking a specific amount of liquids and taking natural supplements. I’ll be keeping track of all my achievements in a daily journal. I’ll be repeating my affirmation statement many times a day. I’ll also be reporting my weight daily to my doctor, so she can keep track of my progress and development.

The fact that I cannot let any oil touch my skin, means that I had to buy specific products for hygiene and self-care such as oil-free shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, moisturizer, and make-up. The program is so strict that I cannot even touch the raw meat I will cook or wash dishes without gloves — all because of the fat on the food and in the detergent.
Interesting, right?

Intermittent fasting is also part of the program. So no breakfast for 40 days.
I can do it, right? (Note: If you know me, you know that breakfast is my favorite meal ever!)

My goal is to be back to 121 lbs. Cut my body fat to a minimum of 20%. Reduce my metabolic age and visceral fat. The idea is to also get my hydration levels up, that’s a sign of healthy cells!

Step #1 of rehab

After reading and re-reading the journal with the info about the program, I decided to access phase #1 of the program aka Load Up!

I weighed myself this morning and texted my doctor. I weighed 150.4 lbs. I practiced saying my affirmations out-loud and prepared my water with mineral drops.

On day one, I was allowed to eat everything I wanted with the condition I would include three to four healthy fats in my meals. For breakfast, I chose XCT Oil on my bulletproof coffee; at lunch, I had a mix of nuts (almonds, pistachio, and cashews), and after dinner, I had tea with coconut oil. I also started taking the natural supplements.

Step #2 of rehab

Tomorrow I will start the phase #2 of the program aka Lose It! This stage has 39 days in duration. Meaning, for the next six weeks I will be in the 2 x 2 x 2 x TON rule. Every day I will eat two meals, two different proteins from my list, two different fruits and tons of veggies. I will also be on an intermittent fasting from 8 pm to 12 pm. The goal is to lose a large amount of fat and begin to feel the difference in my body as I go through this healing process.

Step #3 of rehab

This is a 20-day phase aka Lock-In! At this stage, I’ll stop losing weight and lock in the changes of my body has gone during step #2. The most important thing at this step is to reset my metabolic rate properly, so my body will adjust to a “new me” free of inflammations and addictions.

I’ll continue to eat in the formula 2 x 2 x 2 x TON but I won’t take supplements anymore. When I weigh myself on day 44 I will have my Weight Set Point (WSP). That’s going to be my magic number. My ideal weight and I’ll manage to stay within a 2 lb window of this number for pretty much the rest of my life. Of course, I’ll be constant follow-up with my body and my doctor, so it might change in the future.

Step #4 of rehab

Live on! That’s the #4 phase of the program. Mostly I’ll be reintegrated in society with a reset mindset about my relationship with food. I will be able to eat different foods from my list, but I must have a mindset that “I eat whole foods, mostly plants, and never too much”.

I’m confident and excited about this new journey. I want to live for a long time and I want to be healthy. I want to celebrate my body as my temple and in its full capacity and energy. I cannot wait to celebrate my 30 years-birthday in better me.

Peace & ❤ — always!


Well, that’s all folks. I’m only on Day ONE of rehab. If you want to follow my daily progress, follow me on IG @anaclaraotoni.

Thanks for reading & See You Next Tuesday! When you 👏 you help other people to see this story.

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